The tests you are about to take will help your teacher determine how much you already know about language and what your potential is to learn a new language.


These tests will NOT count towards your grade but will be used to help your teacher make decisions about the course of his/her instruction.


Each section of this test is timed.While you may find some of the questions very easy, some may be rather difficult.You should try your best to answer each question in the time given.Do not go on to the next section until you are told to do so.





This section tests knowledge of vocabulary in English and is a measure of verbal ability.Research has shown that knowledge of oneís own native language is a good prediction of how well the student will acquire words in a second language.


Take the Vocabulary Test





This section tests knowledge of grammatical structures in English.


Take the Grammar Test



Language Analysis


This section tests the studentís ability to reason logically in terms of a foreign language.


Take the Language Analysis Test



Sound-Symbol Association


This section tests the ability to associate sounds with written symbols and is a measure of auditory ability.


Take the Sound Symbol Association Test